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Understand to Prevent
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Book Chapter by Yeshim Harris

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Diaspora Work

Project Advice:

Promoting Positive Diaspora Voices  

International Alert Project 


Overcoming Ethnic Divides

Harris-Clerides article

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The Launch of Cyprus Dialogue Forum


The Engi initiative in Malta between civic, business and political figures gave birth to Cyprus Dialogue Forum.  Its aim is to act as an inclusive participatory platform for dialogue to support the ongoing negotiations.  Read More

Understand To Prevent

Rethinking the military's role in preventing violent conflict

Engi is a main contributor to the 'Understand to Prevent' strand of the Multinational Capabilities Development Campaign, a military project that aims to improve collaboration between the 23 MCDC members, who include the USA, UK, NATO and the EU. Read more

Can Comparative Learning Help Conflict Resolution?

by Yeshim Harris

Much progress has been made in the Northern Ireland, for example, by learning about the experiences of the South African peace process. Could success stories, or even the mistakes from these peace processes, provide inspiration for Cyprus?  Read More