Creative Conversation

Creative conversation is an approach to talking that actively seeks to create something of value in every conversation.

Specifically, it searches for, acknowledges and goes towards meeting one or more of the fundamental human needs of everyone involved – the most basic of which is simply the need for meaningful connection with another human being.   

Creative conversation, based on an awareness of fundamental human needs, is a manifestation of our humanity operating at its best to get to the heart of things. It’s not about winning arguments or converting others to a particular point of view (although either of those things might happen). Rather, it’s about seeking to identify what’s really going on in the other person and in ourselves, and trying to create something of value for everyone involved.

Most of us have probably had some experience of creative conversation, though we probably haven’t called it that. At its best, it’s the type of verbal exchange that enriches and energises us, that clears our minds and even uplifts us. And just as tasty food can range from a bite-sized snack to a three-course meal, so creative conversation can range from a brief chat to a life-changing dialogue.

In short, it’s the quality that counts.   

But for many of us talking like this is a hit-and-miss affair, and perhaps all the more significant because truly creative conversation can be an infrequent, even rare, event. It needn’t be, though.   

The Talking Revolution explains how we can consistently make the seven essential elements of creative conversation the cornerstone of our daily life. These are:

Through practising one or more (ideally all) of these elements, we can start an everyday talking revolution to change our world for the better – one conversation at a time.