Gene Sharp is one of the world's greatest thinkers on non-violent revolution. 

His methods are behind the uprisings of the Arab Spring and have been used in democratic struggles in the Balkans, throughout Eastern Europe, in Georgia, the Ukraine, in Indonesia, Burma and Iran. 

His seminal work, From Dictatorship to Democracy, has been translated into over 40 languages and has been the standard manual for leaders of ‘colour’ revolutions around the globe. Gene Sharp has been called the ‘Machiavelli of non-violent struggle’ - and much worse by the regimes who have fallen as a result of his work. 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues, for which Engi acts as Secretariat, hosted Gene Sharp on 1 February 2012 for a screening of How To Start A Revolution, a new documentary about his life and work. Dr Sharp flew in from Boston specially for this meeting and, with Jamila Raqib, executive director of the Albert Einstein Institute, took part in an hour-long question and answer session after the film.

Also attending the packed meeting was Ruaridh Arrow, director of the film, who introduced his award-winning documentary.

Engi's media consultant, Wendy Bailey, helped to organise media coverage for Dr Sharp on BBC TV's HARDtalk and Channel 4 News.  To find out how Engi might be able to help your communications please contact us.