How we work

Engi devises and implements strategies to help organisations and individuals manage, resolve or transform conflict in a wide range of different settings - political, commercial and Third Sector.

Engi also acts as a confidential broker and advisor, connecting those seeking help in conflict to those best placed to give it.

All of our work is based on forging a deep understanding of the needs of our clients and shaping our responses to meet those needs through consultancy, training and - where appropriate - engagement with UK Parliamentarians.


Our consultancy services are delivered by:
  • researching and co-designing solutions with the client; or
  • convening an expert team to co-design solutions; and
  • supporting their implementation
For examples of our current and past work please see the sidebar.


Engi provides training to help individuals, groups, governments, businesses and organisations of all sizes learn how to manage conflict to lead to more positive outcomes.

The training offered falls into two broad categories: 

(i) specialist peacebuilding and conflict resolution programmes for professionals working in conflict management, diplomacy and humanitarian aid 

(ii) bespoke courses tailored to the specific needs of particular clients.

All training is delivered in a variety of formats - personal coaching, 'classroom' teaching (including in-house) and online webinars (including internationally).

Parliamentary Advocacy

Engi helps give a voice in Parliament to those working in peacebuilding and conflict management.

For example, in February 2016 it helped to set up the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alternative Dispute Resolution, which provides 'a valuable forum within Parliament to discuss the latest development in ADR and to promote its wider use.'

Additionally, between 2011-16 Engi provided the secretariat to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues (see sidebar). 

For details of how Engi might be able to help you in any of these areas, please contact