Engi provides the secretariat to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues which was set up to encourage dialogue on how to prevent, transform and resolve violent conflict.

The APPGCI has given a voice in Parliament to those working in peace-building and conflict management.

The APPGCI has put conflict prevention firmly on the UK political map. In 2010 we secured the first-ever Parliamentary debate devoted to conflict prevention. Additionally, six UK parties – including the three main ones – have now made commitments to conflict prevention.

In June 2011 we secured the second-ever Parliamentary debate on conflict prevention, during which the UK government was prompted to state its ambition to become 'the world leader in making a real impact in this absolutely vital area.'

Co-Chair of the APPGCI Simon Hughes MP led the debate and was warmly praised by Foreign and Commonwealth Office minister Henry Bellingham MP:





’I’d like to congratulate him on the work he’s done with the All-Party Group on Conflict Issues and the honourable colleagues who have been supportive of that group, which I think is one of the most important groups in Parliament.’

This experience in Parliament with the APPG on Conflict Issues means Engi can offer invaluable guidance and support to those who want to further non-violent approaches to conflict in the political sphere.

'I would like to put on record my tribute to Eddy Canfor-Dumas and all his colleagues who have supported us to develop the all-party group. They have shouldered the burden of the hard work.' John McDonnell MP, Westminster Hall Debate on Conflict Prevention, 9 February 2010