The Talking Revolution

A social initiative from Engi's Peter Osborn and Eddy Canfor-Dumas, based on a book of the same name (to be published in late 2018), that aims to significantly improve the quality of how we talk and listen to each other in all aspects of daily life - individually, in groups and collectively in society. READ MORE

Gender-Sensitive Peace Processes

Gender, Peace and Security Alliance: GPSA is a dialogue platform to enable women to directly connect and communicate with others in similar circumstances in conflict areas around the world; through a bank of experiences and case studies of gender inclusive peace processes in different regions.  READ MORE

Conflict Analysis and Research Centre University of Kent is a funding partner of this project through their Diaspora as Peace Agents Programme.

Empowering Refugees in Conflict Management

Palestinian and Syrian Refugee Camps in Lebanon: Engi is working on a number of initiatives to address the tensions within and outside several refugee camps. READ MORE

Inclusive Peace Processes

Cyprus Dialogue Forum: The Engi initiative in Malta between civic, business and political figures gave birth to this groundbreaking dialogue platform. Its aim is to act as an inclusive participatory platform for dialogue to support the ongoing negotiations.  READ MORE

Peer Group Support Methodology

Engi uses Peer Group Support Methodology extensively in its projects which involves sharing knowledge, experience and/or practical help.  It enables participants to draw on shared personal experience and provide knowledge, social interaction, emotional or technical assistance or practical help to each other. What differentiates peer support is its source which is from another person with relevant experience directly to another rather than using academic knowledge. READ MORE

Peacebuilding Training

Engi delivers high-level training in the UK and overseas by world-renowned political and civic figures and specialised trainers for professionals working in conflict resolution, diplomacy and humanitarian aid. READ MORE