Bubble Chamber

Engi recently wrote and produced thirty-two short videos on dialogue and conflict management for Bubble Chamber, an organisation that supports social enterprises of all sizes in achieving clarity and growth. READ MORE

Gender-Sensitivity in Peace Negotiations

Cyprus Peace Process: In November 2016 Yeshim co-led an international conference in Cyprus that brought together women experts in politics with a wide range of civil society organisations that embraced international, Turkish Cypriot, Greek Cypriot, Maronite, Armenian and other nationalities living in Cyprus. READ MORE

Empowering Refugees in Conflict Management

Palestinian and Syrian Refugee Camps in Lebanon: Engi is working on a number of initiatives to address the tensions within and outside several refugee camps. READ MORE

Participatory and Inclusive Peace Processes

Cyprus Dialogue Forum: The Engi initiative in Malta between civic, business and political figures gave birth to this groundbreaking dialogue platform. Its aim is to act as an inclusive participatory platform for dialogue to support the ongoing negotiations.  READ MORE

Peacebuilding Training

Engi delivers high-level training in the UK and overseas by world-renowned political and civic figures and specialised trainers for professionals working in conflict resolution, diplomacy and humanitarian aid. READ MORE

Understand to Prevent

Engi played a leading role in this project (2014-17) to explore the military contribution to the prevention of violent conflict. READ MORE