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Understand to Prevent
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MCDC - Understand to Prevent

Engi is co-leading the second phase of this project - nicknamed 'U2P2' - during 2015-16, focusing on the practical challenges of how best to involve military forces in the prevention of violent conflict. 

The core document (see sidebar), co-written by Engi, provides the basis for the multinational, multi-disciplinary team that is taking the project from concept to pilot stage, to produce generic guidelines. Download a copy of Understand to Prevent here.


The recent crisis in the Middle East has resulted in broad social and economic challenges both for the Syrian and for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.  The social and economic implications are extensive and are visible in day-to-day life across the country.  Engi is working on a number of initiatives to address the tensions within and outside of the camps, between different groups of refugees and the host community on the following areas:

  • Skills based training for men and women
  • Improving communication to promote non-violent solutions
  • Advocacy support to raise public awareness
  • Dialogue building within the camps and between refugee and host population
  • Capacity building for grassroots organisations

Further details to follow.


The PARTICIPATORY PEACEMAKING INITIATIVE aims to create opportunities for senior political and civic leaders of the two communities in Cyprus to discuss their role in the peace negotiations. Read More




Engi devises and implements strategies to help organisations in peace-building and conflict management, connect with the people who matter to them – decision-makers, the public and other important stakeholders. Engi help:

  • forge valuable new relationships
  • raise political awareness of their work
  • raise public awareness of their work
  • access new knowledge, skills and resources
  • promote non-violent solutions to conflict
  • and increase their overall reach and effectiveness

Engi acts as a confidential broker and advisor, connecting those seeking help in conflict to those best placed to give it.

For details of how Engi might be able to help you, please contact