The Talking Revolution

We’ve got a ​big ​problem, we human beings. Bigger than plastic in the oceans and toxins in the air, bigger even than climate change. 

It’s how we talk and listen to each other.

It’s the basis for everything we do together – and will need to do​. Yet so ​much of our ​communication washes around in a sea of confusion, conflict and dysfunction – at home, at work, in society and in the world. 

​‘That’s life,’ some will say. ‘It’s normal.’ ​But it needn’t be. We can do better. We have to do better. Because if we don’t improve things soon we could all be scuppered, as the challenges we face threaten to overwhelm us.

We need a revolution – a talking revolution.​ A massive, worldwide improvement in how we communicate with each other. In how we understand and are understood by each other. ​In how we talk and listen. ​We’ve had a revolution in the technology that connects us around the world, in the hardware and the software – now we need a revolution in the ‘humanware’, the quality of how we actually ​connect to each other, one to one.

That’s the subject of the book written by Engi's Peter Osborn and Eddy Canfor-Dumas, to be published later this year.

But they don’t simply argue that what we accept as normal is actually seriously subpar. They offer a practical, doable and effective way we can all make things better – the seven elements of creative conversation. This is cost-free, can be done by anyone in the course of their normal daily life – and the potential benefits are huge. Better personal relationships, better group working and more cohesion in the face of deepening societal challenges. In short, transforming the three pains.

The Talking Revolution is aimed at the man and woman in the street. It’s not about how to have difficult conversations or using dialogue to deal with conflicts – although it can be employed in both those contexts. It’s about making a fundamental shift – a revolution – in how we interact verbally with each other, a shift that’s rooted in the everyday. It’s about the small things as well as the big things, the domestic as well as the global. It’s about how we can all talk and listen to each other in a way that strengthens the connection between us, even when we disagree.

So the potential for The Talking Revolution is massive. It’s anywhere and everywhere people talk to each other – worldwide. And it’s also the basis for initiatives that will be aimed at taking the revolution into specific sectors – health, education, business, government… the application is universal.  

Above all, The Talking Revolution is absolutely of the moment. The pain of dysfunctional communication in personal relationships or groups is commonplace, but the sense that the stable societies in which we’ve grown are polarising, maybe even fracturing, is new – and alarming. 

The Talking Revolution offers an immediate and effective way to truly take back control – right where you are, right now.

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