'Thanks for a TOTALLY fantastic course. I've already started using the skills and am having amazing results.' RG, Cardiff
'What I thought was brilliant about the course was the way that the theory connected to the reality in a completely unexpected way.' JY, Frankfurt
'I recommend this course for anyone who has ever felt stuck in a conflict.You'll get the tools and language to move forward and transform the situation.' KD, Sussex
'It is a great course. Challenging and stimulating, it's stirred feelings of hope - thank you!' LOC, London

What is conflict?

Poorly handled, conflict can cause pain and loss - of money, time, motivation, health and lives, whereas well managed conflict with the right tools, skills and insights can improve relationships and lead to unexpected, creative solutions to problems that satisfy everyone.

Engi provides a range of training programmes to help individuals, groups, governments, businesses and organisations of all sizes learn how to manage conflict to lead to more positive outcomes.

  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Programmes

    Engi delivers high-level training in the UK and overseas by world-renowned political and civic figures and specialised trainers. The courses are tailor-made and designed for public and civic organisations which are specialised in conflict resolution, diplomacy and humanitarian aid; or for professionals who are involved in relevant work of the international community. The programmes are as follows:

                   For further details please contact Yeshim Harris yharris@engi.org.uk

  • Why Don't We Talk?

    A two-day workshop on creating change through dialogue. Learn how to listen so others talk, and talk so others listen. Read more>>

  • Managing Conflict Positively - An Introduction

    A two-day course that uses conflicts meaningful to you to explore the theory and practice of conflict management, focusing on self-awareness and a needs-based approach. Read more >>

  • Confident Managers > Confident Teams

    A modular course that focuses on how to embed the practical 'nuts and bolts' of managing conflict and better communication in your organisation, to improve collaboration and overall organisational health. Read more >>