Communication of Engagement

31 October 2015

In the two-year period to the date above, Engi has supported the aims of the UNGC in the two projects it has been running, as follows:

  • Cyprus 

In partnership with the UNDP, Engi co-founder Yeshim Harris played a leading role in setting up the Cyprus Dialogue Forum. Launched in March 2015, the Forum comprises political parties, trade unions, business associations and NGOs from both communities on the divided island, and has been created as a response to a need for ‘an inclusive and permanent space for structured dialogue and knowledge-sharing in which issues and challenges of common concern can be addressed.’

The involvement of civil society, including the business sector, represents a major step forward in renewed efforts to resolve the long-running conflict in Cyprus, and follows a series of workshops and meetings held during 2013-15.

Key to progress was a workshop convened by Engi/UNDP in Malta in September 2013, at which business leaders from the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities agreed to set up regular meetings of the business communities from both sides of the divide, to identify opportunities for increased inter-communal business cooperation.

  • Understand to Prevent 

Engi co-founder Eddy Canfor-Dumas is the civilian lead in this international project to identify and operationalise the military contribution to the prevention of violent conflict. This involves facilitating a closer working relationship between the military and civil society, including the business community. 

Engi co-founders Eddy Canfor-Dumas and Yeshim Harris are delighted to be able to report their ongoing support for the UN Global Compact through these practical actions,  and willingly renewing their commitment to the initiative and its principles.